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Der Barfly’s Club als Pionier der Wiener Barszene wird von Whiskykennern und Liebhabern perfekt gemixter Cocktails geschätzt.

Wir bieten mehr als 1200 edle Whiskys entweder glasweise oder seltene Abfüllung flaschenweise an. Mit über 700 verschiedenen Single Malt Whiskys, Blended Scotch Whiskys, Whisk(e)ys aus Amerika, Japan, Kanada, Irland, Taiwan,Indien und Österreich können wir stolz sagen, die größte Whiskysammlung in Österreich zu besitzen. Ihre bestsortierteste Whiskybar im Herzen von Wien

Blended whisky

Bottle sale only


Old Brown Decanter | 40%

This preceded the Christmas series and is of a slightly narrower shape than later editions.

Chivas Regal

Royal Salute Stone of Destiny | 35 y | 40%

It is an incredible 38 year old blended whisky, named for the Stone of Destiny – a block of red sandstone used in the coronations of the monarchs of Scotland.


25 y | 43 %

limited edition, replica bottle of wine flask of 1749.

John Begg

Blue Cap | 40 %

Discontinued from the 1970’s
sweet grain, cereal and honey

Single Malt whisky

Bottle sale only

Most of the bottles offered here  are very rare and discontinued.  You can store your bottle in our cabinet for our exclusive whiskys. Also your bottle will get an engraved badge with your name on it. Everytime you take a sip of your bottle, we will report it in our log book. Enjoy your own rare Whisky in your favourite bar.


Old bottling | Sherry Old | 10 y | 57 %

Powerful version of Macallan 10 y, long fruity finish.

North British

Signatory Vintage | 1964 | 46 %

Pure grain scotch matured in oak for 25 years, only 1.300 bottles.

Port Ellen

11th Release | 32 y | 53,9 %

Distilled in 1979 with a limited release of 2.988 bottles. This is the oldest ever official released Port Ellen.


Connoisseur’s Choice | 1989/2000 | 43 %

Limited Edition from the closed distillery Rosebank.

Royal Brackla

Flora & Fauna | 10 y | 43 %

Old and rare Highland malt from Royal Brackla bottle for Flora & Fauna.

Royal Lochnagar

Selected Reserve | 43 %

A thick, warming select reserve dram from the Highland distillery.


Gordon MacPhail | 1980 | 40 %

Very rare vintage


Stillman’s Dram | 25 y | 45 %

Limited edition of 1.800 bottles, we can offer Bottle No. 663 and 666.

American whisky

Bottle sale only

A.H. Hirsch

A.H. Hirsch 16 year old is of the absolute highest quality available today. Distilled in the spring of 1974 and no longer produced. It offers a silky smooth texture and perfectly balanced flavors of sweet oak, maple and spice. The aftertaste is round, rich and very long.

16 y | 45,8 %

Second of the last bottling 1989.

16 y | 47,8 %

Last bottling of A.H. Hirsch, squat gold wax.

I.W. Harper

12 y | 43 %

A rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon from Bernheim Distillery from 1970. Spices, citrus and vanilla.

Jim Beam

Masterpiece Cognac Cask | 18 y | 49,5 %

Released in 1999 it was one of the first super premium bourbons featured a cask finish. On the palate it has dark fruits, dark sweets and a hint of vanilla.

Maker’s Mark

Vintage 1983 | 47,5 %

Relatively dry, wood dominating, grape candy.

Old Fitzgerald

1849 | 45 %

Mellowed for years in charred new oak barrrels. This is a fine rare whiskey with a sophisticated, mellow fruity flavour and hints of vanilla and caramel.

Old Weller

Antique | 7 y | 53,5 %

This bourbon also shares the same mashbill, warehouse and proof as Old Rip Van Winkle. From the late 1970’s. Sweetness mixed with some grain dryness and a bit of alcohol flavor.

Pappy Van Winkle

23 y | 47,8 %

This is a very rare and limited edition bourbon. Dark fruits, dark spices, coffee and charred oak.


Rye | 18 y | 45 %

Jim Murray published it 2010 as best whisky of the world. Spice, butter roasted nuts, clay, and dried cherry.

Van Winkle

Rye | 13 y

This bottling is a decidedly well-aged whiskey, this rye was aged for 13 years and has a refined maturity. Flavors include cocoa, vanilla, spice and white pepper. Rated 95 by Paul Pacult.

Van Winkle

Special Reserve | 12 y | 45,2 %

It was aged for 12 years, received a Gold medal at the 2008 International Wine and Spirit Competition. Soft with gentle spices, charcoal, cinnamon bark, hints of cold coffee and honey.


Deluxe | 6 y | 43 %

This was bottled at 6 years of age in, we estimate, the 1980s.

W.L. Weller

Centennial | 10 y | 50 %

Intensely complex with a long and sophisticated finish. Produced at Buffalo Trace, wheated bourbon, discontinued.

W.L. Weller

12 y | 45 %

Wheated bourbon with fresh fruit notes.

White Bison

McCormick | 50,5 %

Rare bourbon in a beautiful decanter.

Wild Turkey

1855 Reserve | 54,5 %

Limited edition
Strong, orange, tobacco

Wild Turkey

Early 90’s Release | 12 y | 50,5 %

“Beyond Duplication” bottles with a gold foil label

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Der Barfly‘s Club bringt Ihnen unsere besondere Vision der Welt des Cocktails und Lifestyles näher. Das Abonnement ist kostenlos und bietet Ihnen: Einladungen, Teilnahme an Feiern, Workshops, Angebote, Aktionen, Geburtstagspost und exklusive Verkostungen für Mitglieder.

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